The period after the Second World War was marked by a major political and social upheaval. This was evident in art and architecture through the establishment of modernism and later through the '68 movement. The democratization of design in art and commerce and later the liberation from social conventions led to a diversity that, in terms of its wealth of ideas, is comparable in art history with the time around the turn of the century. Unfortunately, many achievements in pre- and post-war handicrafts were largely lost through the extinction of craftsmanship, mass production and the import of cheap mass-produced goods. Only recently have sustainable production and quality craftsmanship regained importance as part of the ecological movement. The artistic design of contemporary artisans is still based on the ideas of pre-and post-war artists. In the shop you will find examples from the 50s, 60s and 70s, but also pieces by selected contemporary ceramic artists. (fg)