Carl Fischer Bürgel

Carl Fischer (1891-1969) -born in Döbeln Saxony- was trained at the ceramics school in Bunzlau. He earned a manufactory in Bürgel and founded the Bürgeler Art Ceramic Workshop (BKW). Initially he continued the design language of the previous workshop. Then he put his own accents quickly. First with self-developed multi-colored drip glazes, soon also through new vessel forms. Characteristic are his style across experiments with decorations and shapes, glazes and possibilities of kilning. Carl Fischer employed in the heydays more than 20 worker. The proximity to the Bauhaus ceramic workshop in Dornburg allowed him an active exchange with ceramists like Otto Lindig, the director of the Bauhaus workshop. To date, one finds in the work of Carl Fischer the basic forms of the Bauhaus design philosophy. Carl Fischer was one of the undisputed Pioneers of the pottery in East Germany.

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